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Make a table with estimates and s.e. + ODS layout

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Make a table with estimates and s.e. + ODS layout

Dear Forum

Can anyone tell me if it's possible to create a table in SAS in which I report the regression estimates along with the standard errors of these below the estimates e.g. in parentheses?

I have used the ods output parameterestimates=data code and used proc tabulate to make a table, but it reports the estimates of my different models in the first columns and the standard errors corresponding to each estimate grouped by model in the last columns.

As an example I have done as below:

The following step has been repeated to create 4 data sets with estimates from different models: est_iv1 est_iv2 est_iv3 est_ols

PROC SYSLIN 2SLS DATA = mergedata OUT=out2SLS3 ;

Title 'Regression with two IVs';

ENDOGENOUS lyr_60 lyrssa ;

INSTRUMENTS alatitude ala_ssa strucK strucH la ssa yrsopen yrsop_ssa;

MODEL g60_00 = lyr_60 lyrssa strucK strucH la ssa ;


ods output parameterestimates=est_iv3;


data est;

merge est_iv1 est_iv2 est_iv3 est_ols;

by model variable;


Then I try to make a table:

proc tabulate data=est format=commax16.4;

var estimate stderr;

class variable model;

tables variable, model*estimate model*stderr;

title 'Comparison of regression methodsr';


Moreover, I would like to be able to create titles in my ODS-output. When I make the titles "Exercise 1" and "Exercise 2", "Exercise 2" is written in the top of the paper as soon as exercise 2 enters the paper, even though exercise 1 fills up the first part of the paper. I would like "Exercise 2" to be written just after all the codes belonging to exercise 1 are finished - but how to do?

I hope anyone has an idea of how to solve my problems.

Kind regards,


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Re: Make a table with estimates and s.e. + ODS layout

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Maybe the following URL can give you some clue.


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