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MS Access query/deletion issues

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MS Access query/deletion issues

Hi all;

I have a general question regarding MS Access in respects to deletion/update queries-

When I attempt to delete multiple deletions or updates that are grouped (by a medical record number (mrn)  for example)-I cannot make one whole deletion query-

It results in an error that results in a rollback of the data. Instead I must create a macro that cycles through every MRN. When you have 4,000 of them-this becomes a huge timer killer.

Any suggestions on resolving this. Thank you.


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Re: MS Access query/deletion issues

Are you using SAS to do the work in MS Access?  Assuming yes, perhaps you could share the code and the error message.  You could also go to the SAS/Access manual for your version of SAS and look at the diagnostics available to you so you can see exactly what SAS is passing to Microsoft Access.

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Re: MS Access query/deletion issues

Seems you violate the integrity rules in the Access database when you do the mass deletion/update. Or you run into too many pending operations before you "commit". I suggest to do the same operation (quasi-)manually in Access to determine when you run into obstacles.

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