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Loop Needed

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Loop Needed

So I'm not really sure if a loop is the best approach but I need some help. I have data, which varries, with a list of zips and their corresponding x and y coordinates, these are going to be points on a map. Now if I have two of the same zip their x and y will be the same and I want to move them so the points on the map are not overlapping. Also I could have more than two zips that are the same in some cases I sometimes have 5. I know how to move them with respect to zips but then when I move the coordinates they still overlap sometimes. I need help to make sure nothing is overlapping. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Re: Loop Needed

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Hi ...

#1  you could try jittering (offset the points), lots of references including ...

#2  or how about just using a different size symbol (or different symbols) that varies in size (or type) by the number of whatever at any given location.

#3  or, I assume you add symbols to a map with annotate.  If' I'm correct, the POSITION variable has 15 distinct values for any set of x/y coordinates.  So maybe just varying the value of POSITION will allow you to avoid overlap

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