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Looking for MD5 or SHA-1 Hashing Algorithm

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Looking for MD5 or SHA-1 Hashing Algorithm

Hi all, 


I'm looking for a program to take a string variable (email address) and create a hash for the value in each row via either MD5 or SHA-1. 


Tried using the sha256 function, because it was all I could find, but it is not the correct hashing algorithm which I need to apply.   I need to use MD5 or SHA_1.   Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.




data want;

set have;

  format hash $hex64.;

hash=sha256(EMAIL_ADDRESS);; run;

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Re: Looking for MD5 or SHA-1 Hashing Algorithm



I may have missed something here, but from my understanding MD5 is an algorithm for ensuring a file is complete and unchanged from a sender.  I think SHA-1 is a simliar technology, but I don't know that one off the top of my head.  Could you clarify your requirements, i.e. what needs to be encrpyted, why it needs it, and why those particular technologies?  If you just want to hide a password or email then there is this function:


But that has nothing to do with MD5.  Or alternatively you could get a free command line MD5 generator program and use that to do the job:


infile tmp pipe 'md5gen "c:\tmp.txt"';
data want;
  length mymd5 $100;
  infile tmp;
  input mymd5 $;
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Re: Looking for MD5 or SHA-1 Hashing Algorithm

In just over one month an approach will be available as part of SAS Global Forum proceedings, thanks to a paper by Rick Langston.  Rick's paper shows how you can take a well-documented C-language algorithm and implement in DATA step.  It's fascinating!

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Re: Looking for MD5 or SHA-1 Hashing Algorithm

There is an MD5 data step function.

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