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Load .jpeg into proc tabulate "box="

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Load .jpeg into proc tabulate "box="

Am getting an odd error message during one step of a proc tabulate. I'm loading a .jpeg into the "box=" part of the proc tabulate, but am getting told in the log that the .jpg is not recognized as a .jpeg or .png? Irrespective of this error message, the table, with the logo, is still being produced, and the tabulate statement is in a macro which produces a lot of tables, but I only get this message on the first running of the macro... Has anyone got any ideas as to what is causing this? Note: I get this error if I restart my pc, opening nothing but SAS - no other programs are open, so the file shouldn't be in use. Thanks.

(log below)

MPRINT(PAYRISE):   proc tabulate data=Instbrf.Route_accepts_sum (where=(code_2012="C15")) out=route;

MPRINT(PAYRISE):   var accept;

MPRINT(PAYRISE):   class year route;

MPRINT(PAYRISE):   table year="", (route="" all="Total")*(accept=""*f=comma9.0) *(sum="#" rowpctsum="%")/ Box={s={


MPRINT(PAYRISE):   footnote1 "Note 1: Year figures 2012";

MPRINT(PAYRISE):   footnote2 ;


ERROR: \\filebox\Matt_temp\Logos_jpeg\logo.jpg is not recognized as a JPEG or PNG image. The image will not be


ERROR: At least one file associated with fileref #LN00034 is still in use.

NOTE: There were 29 observations read from the data set INSTBRF.ROUTE_ACCEPTS_SUM.

      WHERE inst_code_2012='C15';

NOTE: The data set WORK.ROUTE has 34 observations and 7 variables.

NOTE: PROCEDURE TABULATE used (Total process time):

      real time           0.11 seconds

      cpu time            0.11 seconds

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Re: Load .jpeg into proc tabulate "box="

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Can you please post the JPG?

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Re: Load .jpeg into proc tabulate "box="

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Re: Load .jpeg into proc tabulate "box="

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What you are experiencing might be partly destination based. Without going into Macro issues or file creation issues, I made a copy of your logo called c:\temp\logo_cardiff.jpg and did not get any error messages when I ran this. And the output shows the logo in the box. Code shown in screen shot. Depending on your destination, the \\file location may not work for -every- destination, but that would be something to check with Tech Support. Inserting logos won't work in LISTING output -- I just picked PDF because the image is embedded in the PDF file.


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