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Load Dataset to a truncated Oracle Table

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Load Dataset to a truncated Oracle Table

We need to load data to a truncated Oracle table and I am unfamiliar with how to do this. We have already established a connection with Oracle and have had success deleting and loading to a table but how do we load to the table without deleting it and re-creating it each time? Do we accomplish this by doing a proc append? Suggestions?
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Re: Load Dataset to a truncated Oracle Table

SAS support website SEARCH facility has several technical documents and conference papers on this topic - also, I did a Google advanced using the argument below to find reference items related to your post:

append sas data to oracle table

However, there is at least one SAS TECHNOTE with a related HOTFIX - see link below, in case it may apply:

Problem Note 16338: Using PROC APPEND to insert rows into an Oracle table may report an error as a note

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