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Learning SAS

Hi All,

I am currently learning SAS Programming 1 and Data Manipulation Techiniques - I am picking the course up fine with no problems but does anybody have any suggestions on other good ways on learning SAS along with the course? I do not currently use SAS as part of my every day job but am learning in my own time. I am hoping that once I have gained enough experience and have got my certifications this will help me move forward within my company.

Look forward to any suggestions etc?



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Re: Learning SAS

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There are several Books By Users on the SAS Publications area that might be useful.

Both "the little SAS book" by Slaughter and Delwiche and Cory's books are good for learning SAS.

For the programming in SAS, after the two courses you are taking, look at books by Aster, Mason, and Berlew.  All three have books out that are quite useful for programming.  There are also some industry specific SAS programming books that you can search for on the SAS Publications web site.  I am familiar with those in the health care arena, but not the others.

Doc Muhlbaier


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Re: Learning SAS

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hi ... I have web sites for a couple courses I teach ...


(don't let "epidemiology" scare you off)


(with due deference to Donald Rumsfeld)

EPI514 is an intro course and there are 150+ pages of notes in PDF format (and exercises, data, links to other courses, book recommendations, etc) ... UNKNOWNS is more advanced and taught mainly from papers accumulated from SAS conferences

it's all FREE (I'm open to all comments, criticisms, suggestions, whatever ... email address on the web sites)

our students have done quite well learning from the material on these web sites ...

shameless self-promotion ...

ps  learning SAS, no better book than ...

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