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Lag selection to VAR model

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Lag selection to VAR model


Im working om my thesis in SAS 9.1 and have encountered a problem I hope you can help me with.

I have two variables CDS and EQ and need to construct a VAR model. The numbers of lags in the model need to be selected by the minimum AIC value but to do this I need to get the AIC values of all the possible lag combinations.

Normally is done by this code I guess

proc statespace data=sasuser.index2 out=out lead=10;
var CDS(1) equity(1);
id date;

but the maximum limit of lags is 10 and I need to test about 200 or so...At least more than 10

I really hope you can help!

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Re: Lag selection to VAR model

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Check the documentation. I think that you just need to set the LAGMAX parameter to a greater number.

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Re: Lag selection to VAR model

Hi Doc

The problem is that the proc statespace cannot calculate for more than 10 lags, even though I set "lead" to 20 it only calculates for 10 (also what the documentation says), so I need some kind of way to avoid this limit or another method for doing the same thing.

But thanks anyway
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