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Label conversion logic

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Label conversion logic

Hi All
I have 100’s of observations in my dataset. I have to convert them into a propcase using 8.2 version
The conditions are such that , i should not make an changes to the words that are in upcase( ex AE) and should not make any changes that are present in Parenthesis ex (Alpha– numeric), prepositions should be left as such like ( in, of, to.) and – text should be as it is and the remaining all should be converted to Propcase using 8.2

For ex,this is the string: low level AE term code (Alpha– numeric) – text.
This is the output: Low Level AE Term Code (Alpha– numeric) – text.

Some strings are like this : medDRA version? Text.
Output: MedDRA Version? - text.

Some strings are like this: subject eligible to continue in study? text
Subject Eligible to Continue in study? - text

Thanks in advance for any of the help.
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Re: Label conversion logic

seems very complicated!
How should we recognise prepositions?
Why have you not upgraded to SAS9?

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