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Kindly help in error in LOG

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Kindly help in error in LOG

I'm trying to craete a permanent SAS datafile called ' Period1' from the raw 'period1_sales_data.dat' file in the same location ' C:\Sas' and initially i run the code below and after that i assign sc. to the data statement ' sc.period1' .

1 libname sc period1 'c:\Cwa';
ERROR: The PERIOD1 engine cannot be found.
ERROR: Error in the LIBNAME statement.
2 data period1;
3 infile 'c:\Sas\period1_sales_data.dat';
4 Input TransactionID $1-8
5 DateofSale $9-18
6 TimeofSale $19-26
7 LaptopModel $27-32
8 UnitsSold 33-35
9 Warranty 36;

ERROR: Libname SC is not assigned.
NOTE: The SAS System stopped processing this step because of errors.
NOTE: DATA statement used (Total process time):
real time 0.00 seconds
cpu time 0.01 seconds

21 proc print data = period1;
22 run;

Kindly guide where in i'm amking mistake.

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Re: Kindly help in error in LOG

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At least it seams to me that the problem is that you have 2 names for libname 'sc' and 'period1'. Maybe you should try simply libname period1 'c:\Cwa';
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Re: Kindly help in error in LOG

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I think that you need to do some reading. You have now asked the forum three times on how to use libnames. If you read the manual, you will see the syntax spelled out. If you need to go further on the concepts, I would recommend Cody's book on introductory SAS programming.

For this question, IF you had read the manual, you would see that the second parameter on the statement is the optional engine type. That parameter can only take certain values and "period1" is not one of them.

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