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Issues for scoring without HP4SCORE procedure

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Issues for scoring without HP4SCORE procedure



Our problem is the following:


We have 2 servers:


1) Development server: SAS Enterprise Guide and Miner licences

2) Production server: Only SAS Enterprise Guide licence


We developed a random forest model with HPForest procedure and want to score new data on the production server using stored processes. To achieve this, we included the score code of the model in the stored process definition using %INCLUDE macro.


The problem is that the score code uses HP4SCORE procedure which is unknown on the production server since (I guess) it is a special procedure of SAS Enterprise Miner.


A SAS consultant told us that we do not need to install a SAS Enterprise Miner licence on this production server to score new data.


Is this information true and is their another way of scoring data without using HP4SCORE and installing SAS Enterprise Miner on this production server ?


Thank you in advance for your help.




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