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Issues bootstrapping GLM or GENMOD in UE

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Issues bootstrapping GLM or GENMOD in UE

I was trying to bootstrap GLM and GENMOD output using the JACBOOT.SAS macro, specifically in University Edition. I hit several several snags!


  • Neither procedure has "OUTEST=" type code to output parameters.
  • Fine, you say: simply use ODS OUTPUT to get the parameters. But, what do I do about the 10,000 sets of sequential HTML output?
    • NOPRINT is not an option as, of course, ODS OUTPUT can't operate with NOPRINT (and, p.s., PROC GENMOD also bizzarly doesn't do NOPRINT...).
    • Neither is ODS RESULTS OFF or the like an option, which is my goto solution if all else fails in these situations, because University Edition doesn't allow ODS HTML to close either.


So I am currently stumped. Any thoughts out there? Am I missing something :-)

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Re: Issues bootstrapping GLM or GENMOD in UE

I agree with you, NOPRINT and OUTEST should be the standard options for any generalized model, however they are not available for the most important procedures like glm and genmod.


Using ods output for storing the result may be good enough for one replication but using it in a by process is not efficient.


In your case, 

  • Beside JACKBOOT macro, you are able to do bootstrap analysis by using surveyselect with reps options to generate the resamples or by a datastep program. Next you are able to use by processing to estimate the parameters for each replications.
  • For linear model you should use proc reg which supports NOPRINT and OUTEST.
  • For generalized model you should use proc catmod which supports NOPRINT and OUTES.


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Re: Issues bootstrapping GLM or GENMOD in UE

ods select none;

ods output .............



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Re: Issues bootstrapping GLM or GENMOD in UE

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