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Intermittent SAS\AF Problem

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Intermittent SAS\AF Problem

Hi SAS\AF programmers,

Have any of you experience this annoying, frustrating and intermittent SAS/AF problem ?

We are running a system to allow up to 6 concurrent users to key information into SAS datasets held on a IBM mainframe (running z/os 1.9, with a SAS version of 8.2). The keying is done via a PC sas session using SAS\CONNECT and Remote Library Services, with the data being displayed in SAS\AF panels. The system is prone to intermittent failures, which lead to the PC end freezing, or to a windows style message to the effect that SAS must close. On at least one such occasion, the SAS log showed the error message listed below. The failures are usually also accompanied by an EVENT ID 2401 message being sent to the windows event viewer.

Error Message:
[TASKSmiley Frustratedubmit] Warning: attempt to free an exclusive semaphores you do not own

Any ideas as to the cause and solution ?


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Re: Intermittent SAS\AF Problem

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You may want to work with Tech Support on this issue. A similar error message (delivered from a different product) is noted here:

But since the product is NOT SAS/AF, you might wish to work with Tech Support to verify whether the hot fix noted for SAS 8.2 in the note is relevant to your situation.

To open a track with Tech Support, go to:

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