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Input data question

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Input data question

Use SAS9.2,I want to input data,my steps are follows:
Solutions->Analysis->Interactive Data Analysis,choose SASUER and click New button,I want to input score data,three column id,literature,math:
1 98.9 87.5
2 32.5 89.2

I find when I input 1 in first line first column,when I click first line second column,the number '1' changed '.', why?
Another puzzled question,I want to change name of three column name,but I find I could only changed the first column name,I can't change second name,why?

thanks in advance!
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Re: Input data question

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For the first question try to input 1.(with the point) instead of 1

For the second question, sorry but I don't have the same problem, my steps are
1) click on the variable
2) change the value
3) cklick on apply
4) choose the other variable and do the same steps form point 1
5) at the end click on OK

I hope that I help you
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