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Index function help

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Index function help


I have a column
Data set 1
Book type Author
fiction raddy
fiction bosco
science srins
science srins

data set 2

I have many columns in data set 2. However one of the column say
description has entries about the author


raddy 99 version 1.0 vol 1
bosco 78 version 5.0 vol 8
srins99 version 2.0 vol1
srins_78 version7.0 vol1

I did a full join and have both the columns in data set 3. Now I need a way to find out whether the string in column author is there in column description.

The code should result as
author description flag
raddy raddy y
bosco bosco y

For example raddy is there in the description and author so a flag
colum would be set to Y.

Please help
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Re: Index function help

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You have an answer on another list
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Re: Index function help

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Just use it as documented...;-)

SQL style:
case when index(description,author) then "y" else "n" end as flag

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