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Importing XML data via SAS XML Mapper

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Importing XML data via SAS XML Mapper

Hello Community,

I have a pretty large XML file (80 MB). I created an XML map with SAS XML Mapper. I imported the data in SAS via the SAS Code Examples (Environment and Local Extraction) in the XML Mapper software.

It is working fine, SAS assigns the XML, reads and copies the data to work as I wanted.

But the whole procedure takes a lot of time (about 10 minutes). I am afraid since the file has increased over time, the duration of the procedure has also increased and the XML will increase a lot more in future. I am afraid my SAS program will take hours to run...

I am confused since SAS needs 15.45 seconds to import a data set with 25433 observations BUT also needs 14.33 seconds to import a data set with only 1 observation. This seems weird to me and looks like SAS takes a lot of time to handle this XML in general...

Does anyone have expirience with such large XML files in SAS and importing them with the SAS XML Mapper? Any ideas how to optimize the XML (Map) or the SAS program (sample code for performance?)

I am thankful for any help/hint.

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