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Import multiple sheets

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Import multiple sheets

 What is the easiest way to import multiple sheets into SAS ?

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Re: Import multiple sheets

If you have SAS 9.4M2 or later, LIBNAME XLSX is quick and easy.


Using LIBNAME XLSX to read and write Excel files


This assumes that your Excel data is well-formed: column headers in Row 1, contiguous data in each sheet.


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Re: Import multiple sheets

Fold them up and insert them into the floppy bay?  Seriously though, I am presuming your using Windows, Base SAS?  The quickest method would be to use libname excel, this creates a libname where you can see each sheet in the file.  However bear in mind that SAS != Excel.  There is a lot in Excel that SAS will not like, and Excel is not a structured file.  You will hit a lot of problems.  The question should be raised, why is Excel holding your data when it is neither a database or a proper data transfer format?  Even exporting to CSV would be far better.  


As for your question, without knowledge of what is on each sheet, its difficult to say.  You could save to CSV each sheet, write a datastep + infile import procedure.  You could try proc import, changing the sheet-name option each time, though that is a "guessing" procedure, so no guarentees what you will get out is what you want etc. What code have you got now?

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