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Import issue

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Import issue


I have a table on MS Acess which has got more than 30 millions records. i want to convert that table into a dataset so tried importing the table in SASEG but since the number of records are more it errors out with a data load error message.

Can anybody help me to fix this issue.


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Re: Import issue

I am assuming that SASEG refers to the SAS Enterprise Guide product.  There is a SAS Enterprise Guide Forum that might get quicker and more pertinent answers than the general procedures one.

Can you include the section of SAS log that includes the generated code and the error message.

If you were just trying to open it by double-clicking on the file name, it was probably just running out of memory on your machine.  You need to either

1) generate a SAS View into the Access table, or

2) copy into a SAS dataset.

The defaults are set in the Tools --> options, but you can override on a task-specific basis.

Doc Muhlbaier


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Import issue

Hi Doc@Duke,

Thanks for your reply.

Actually here i'm only trying to import a MS access table which has got 30 millions of records into a SAS dataset using the File-> Import data options in SAS Enterprise guide. But this import fails due too many observations. Is it possible to define prior the total number of observations that a SAS dataset could hold in it.?

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Import issue

EGuide only displays a portion of the impoted data, so it can handle very large datasets.  Sounds like a problem that you may want talk to tech support about.

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Import issue

Have you tried using PROC IMPORT?   something like this....

proc import table="tbl1"


              dbms=access replace;



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