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Import from HTML file truncate string length to 255.

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Import from HTML file truncate string length to 255.

Hi all,

Shortly about the issue - libname statement below create data set that is needed, but it also set all string columns into length=255, but in my case some of the string is longer(1000 chars).

I've found that same problem occurs in excel and there it fixed by setting options MIXED=NO and SCANTEXT=YES , but export from html probably can't use these options.

For excel also there is solution with changing some key in Registry Editor window(for excel), but for HTML probably should be some another soultion...

Option "dbmax_text"="1000" that I also use in libname below also didn't solve the issue.

Here is this code:

options validvarname=V7;

libname myLib OLEDB provider="Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0"

properties=("data source"="&reppath.Notes_Data_for_OR.htm" "dbmax_text"="1000" )

provider_string="HTML Import" ;

/* create valid source table with Notes data */

proc sql;

     create table data as

          select *

          from myLib.'SAS-Eksport1'n;


Thanks for help in advance!

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