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Import data from European Social Survey [Solved]

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Import data from European Social Survey [Solved]

I need to import data from European Social Survey - ESS DATA - Cumulative Data. I'm not very good at using SAS so I just naively tried importing the text file one gets but it stores it all in one variable.

Can someone maybe help me with what to do? Since there doesn't seem to be a guide on their web page i reckon it has to be pretty easy.

It's free to register (and takes 5 secs) and I need all possible data for Denmark.

Hope someone is willing to help.

Thanks in advance,


Edit: I posted the question at another site and the problem is solved. Thank you for your interest!

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Re: Import data from European Social Survey

I didn't register, but guess there are two things that you need to attend to.

1) select the SAS format for the data.

2) That typically results in a SAS Transport Data set (the extension is .xpt).  To read a transport file, you need to specify it in the libname statement as the engine, e.g.

LIBNAME mydata XPORT '<path><the download file name with the extension>';

Then do a proc contents to see what you have,

PROC CONTENTS DATA=mydata._all_;


and go from there.

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Re: Import data from European Social Survey

Could you post some sample data ?

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