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Import Actuate Report / HTML file

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Import Actuate Report / HTML file

Hi everyone,
Can anyone guide me in importing actuate report which can be viewed with Actuate Viewer 6 service pack 1 patch 1.
Also I have an html file which I wan to import in SAS.

Apreciate all your help.


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Re: Import Actuate Report / HTML file

SAS Support website has technical papers and other supplemental references (and Documentation).

SAS can read external files, which may include your Actuate report, most likely using the SAS DATA step to parse the data records, as needed.

Also, performing a search at the site located this paper for your consideration for using SAS to "parse" an HTML file, however your specific needs will be focused on the SAS DATA step to parse the data and generate a SAS database file (presumed interest).

Scott Barry
SBBWorks, Inc.

SAS technical papers for parsing external files, such as HTML documents:

SAS Language Dictionary (PDF):

SAS DOC reference page:
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