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I need help with survey select

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I need help with survey select

I will need a lot of help with a set of data I am working on. I have a list of 300 sample schools distributed over 50 counties. Each county has 6 schools divided into 3 high and 3 low SES schools. My data sample is shown below

County School Name SES
aaa bxy High
aaa tyr Low
bbb juio High
bbb nut Low
ccc byt Low
ccc hjf High

From this sample I am suppose to draw a list of 100 schools with each of the 50 counties having 2 schools (1 high and 1 low). Then after that I will draw another 100 in this same high and low SES numbers and then I will have a final draw.

Can anyone tell me how to this using one program?

Secondly, I have been to device a means of doing it using the proc surveyselect, however the reality of my sample is that some of the schools have been contacted and declined to be a part of my survey which means I may have to draw a replacement. I have a universe of 5000 schools. How do I draw these samples in SAS to account schools that may decline?
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