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I can add/remove users as PUBLIC

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I can add/remove users as PUBLIC

as the above subject notes, I can log in with my current credentials, and I am only in as PUBLIC, yet, I can do all admin tasks. I am in adminUsers.txt with an asterix but obviously the system is not recognizing this. Thoughts?
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Re: I can add/remove users as PUBLIC

Hi Zinger,

Did you add yourself to any of the existing groups?

You are able to add/remove users because of you are there in Adminusers.txt [unrestricted user].

As per my knowledge, if you add your id to any of the existing groups, it should show up your name [First and Last] with your id instead of showing you as Public.
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Re: I can add/remove users as PUBLIC

As Awesome says:
The meaning of the asterix (*) is UNRESTRICTED which means that you can do almost everthing with the sas installation....

Few users should have the asterix and the file adminUsers.txt should be well protected.

To exclude your user in the textfile use ; instead of *

In default ACT you can set security to the different users/groups as well and default public is not denied (as I remeber...).

If you deny public in the Default ACT you have to add right for the default sas users as sassrv and sasadm, read more about that in admin guide.

The reason for you to become public is that you do not have a user profile with the logon that you use to login to sas. The logon should be put on a group och directly on your user profile in SMC. Message was edited by: FredrikE
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