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How to move file folder-to-folder

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How to move file folder-to-folder

Hi Everyone

I am working on SAS Enterprise Guide.

As part of an automation work, I need to move some files from one folder to another folder.

SAS step used is:

options noxwait;
x ‘move c:\temp\*.txt c:\newtemp’;

When I run this step, I get following error:
ERROR: Shell escape is not valid in this SAS session.

Since Enterprise Guide I work on provides a client interface to log in to SAS server located remotely, I found from internet that SAS administrator disables windows cmd commands to avoid their misuses.

Please suggest me ways to move files.

Note: while I want to move, I want to make sure the "date modified" values of files do not change.

Appreciate your co-operation.

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Re: How to move file folder-to-folder

I would try placing that move command into a Windows command file and having the SAS X command execute that program.
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Re: How to move file folder-to-folder

You need to enable EG (Workspace server) to perform x cmd's and os tasks. Message was edited by: twocanbazza
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Re: How to move file folder-to-folder

I normally use PROC Datasets in SAS enhance editor .. I dont know if this is useful to you ..
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