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How to left align column names in Proc Template?

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How to left align column names in Proc Template?

Hi, I'd like to know how to left align column names in Proc Template or ODS Tagsets ExcelXP if possible.

In using proc template, I'd like to avoid hard coding the column names in the Define statement.

Thank you!

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Re: How to left align column names in Proc Template?

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Looking at the styles.default style template, the option would be textalign=left/center/right;

If you are in SAS (not EG VA etc.) you can see templates by right clicking on Results in the Results tab and choosing Templates.  Simplest way is to find a style which is near to your needs then inherit from that and change the parts you need.  So to change some colors:

proc template;                                                               

   define style Styles.Mygraph1;                   

      parent = Styles.statistical;                                                  

      style ColorStyles /                                                    

         'c3' = red                                                          

         'c2' = blue                                                         

         'c1' = orange;



As for ExcelXP, well that would depend on the style you choose to apply.  I personally prefer to put the information in the proc report however as its clearer for my purposes:

proc report ... style(column)=[just=l] ...;  /* Applies to whole table */

define col / "A Column" style(column)=[just=r];  /* Applies to the column */

compute ...;

     call style...; - /* can apply to any item */

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