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How to interpret error "READ ACCESS VIOLATION MCMC"

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How to interpret error "READ ACCESS VIOLATION MCMC"



I am programming a random effects logit model with repeated measures. The random effect is only an intercept. I have adapted code from the example provided here:


I am using Proc MCMC in SAS 9.4 on Windows 7.


The error I keep running into is the following:



ERROR: An exception has been encountered.
Please contact technical support and provide them with the following
traceback information:

The SAS task name is [MCMC]
ERROR: Read Access Violation MCMC
Exception occurred at (06EF1385)
Task Traceback
Address Frame (DBGHELP API Version 4.0 rev 5)
0000000006EF1385 000000002BD9D5E0 sasdoc:tkvercn1+0x50345
00000000082466DA 000000002BD9D5E8 sasoda:tkvercn1+0x2569A
000000000823F978 000000002BD9D720 sasoda:tkvercn1+0x1E938
00000000082466DA 000000002BD9D760 sasoda:tkvercn1+0x2569A
00000000082224F8 000000002BD9DD70 sasoda:tkvercn1+0x14B8
0000000006F04EBA 000000002BD9DDB0 sasdoc:tkvercn1+0x63E7A
0000000006EF0694 000000002BD9E000 sasdoc:tkvercn1+0x4F654
0000000006617E7A 000000002BD9E008 sasods:tkvercn1+0x1D6E3A
0000000006514B76 000000002BD9E360 sasods:tkvercn1+0xD3B36
00000000064B06BA 000000002BD9EA40 sasods:tkvercn1+0x6F67A
000000002B9C0E6A 000000002BD9EA48 sasmcmc:tkvercn1+0x13FE2A
000000002B8B4C9C 000000002BD9EBE0 sasmcmc:tkvercn1+0x33C5C
000000002B8AAF06 000000002BD9EE50 sasmcmc:tkvercn1+0x29EC6
000000002B88A895 000000002BD9FBF0 sasmcmc:tkvercn1+0x9855
00000000030283AB 000000002BD9FBF8 sashost:Main+0x10F1B
000000000302DFDD 000000002BD9FF50 sashost:Main+0x16B4D
0000000076C259CD 000000002BD9FF58 kernel32:BaseThreadInitThunk+0xD
0000000076D5A561 000000002BD9FF88 ntdll:RtlUserThreadStart+0x21


I am not sure what this error means.  


The full log-file is attached.


Greatly appreciate any pointers.



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Re: How to interpret error "READ ACCESS VIOLATION MCMC"

A read access violation means that SAS has encountered a problem and can't deal with it gracefully. As your log states you should track this to SAS Tech Support with the log included. They are in the best position to help.

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