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How to hide/erase/desable LOG output

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How to hide/erase/desable LOG output


I have SAS procedure (Data sets, SQL, IML) which runs for about 8 hours. The log is full after almost 45 minutes. I have to reply on the message (a window appers with a message which asks if I would like save or clear my log). I want always t oclear my log. Consequently, I must be in front of my PC each 45 minutes: not very convenient!

Activating he system options: "OPTIONS NONOTES NOSOURCE ERROR = 0" does not resolve the problem. I still have error messages and warning screened in my log, and as a result, the log is full into 45 minutes.

Is there a way to not have log messages at all or to erase them automatically, or Ideally not having log writing ?

Thanks you very much for help.
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Re: How to hide/erase/desable LOG output

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Curious if you want to treat the problem or symptom here? Do you consider the messages generated to be a normal condition or maybe you could share some of the SASLOG output for forum feedback?

If necessary though, one option is using PROC PRINTTO to re-direct your SASLOG to a permanent file on your local system.

Scott Barry
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