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How to get Tobit model residuals?

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How to get Tobit model residuals?

I used proc lifereg function to perform a tobit regression. After getting estimates, I want to get residuals from the Tobit regression. How to do it? Can anyone help me with it? Thanks very much.
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Re: How to get Tobit model residuals?

Though I do not have your answer, you may find useful information at the SAS support website using the SEARCH facility and your forum subject.

Also, I found search matches using the Google advanced search argument listed below, against the SAS.COM website:

residuals from the Tobit regression

Hope this information helps.

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Re: How to get Tobit model residuals?

Hi GingerLee,

By definition, residuals (also called raw residuals) are calculated by subtracting the predicted value from the observed value. If you were able to create a data set with your observed outcome and the estimated (predicted) values, then you could calculate the residuals.

Also, you may want to check the description of the OUTPUT statement
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