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How to do a weighted count?

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How to do a weighted count?

I have a data set with a list of ID numbers and type of involvement. The types are either "event attendance" or "leadership". I need to create a count for each ID that weights each 'event attendance' as .5 and each "leadership" as 2. How do I do this?

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How to do a weighted count?

Code a new variable and sum that.

data want ;

  set have;

  if involvement='event attendence' then wt=.5;

else if involvement='leadership' then wt=2;


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How to do a weighted count?

continuing from last post:

Proc freq data=want;

table involvement;

weight wt;


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How to do a weighted count?

and the sql alternative

proc sql ;

   create table summary as select id, sum(


         when  involvement='event attendence' then .5

         when involvement='leadership' then .2

         else 0

      end ) as weighted_count

   from your_data

   group by ID


quit ;

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