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How to create a report menu in SAS

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How to create a report menu in SAS

I want to create a menu that users can then use to select which report they might want to run from Web Report Studio. Is there anything out there (perhaps a utility) that someone is willing to share? I know that Web Report Studio has a builit-in job selector, but I 'm more interested in somehow building a "pretty" reports menu.

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Re: How to create a report menu in SAS

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This falls under the category of creating your own custom "front-end" to the BI platform, using .NET or Java or ...some other language or the AppDev Studio Java Beans (SAS's tool that lets you develop Java applications and JSPs with Eclipse). For example, if you use AppDev Studio's Java Beans and develop a JSP, then you can deploy that JSP from the Information Delivery Portal.

The kind of custom application or report menu that you envision. Would not run inside Web Report Studio -- so I'm not sure it's going to have the utility that you're looking for. On the other hand, you might design your own custom portlet to replace the default stored process navigator that comes with the Information Delivery Portal.

Or, you could use Dynamic HTML and JavaScript, PHP, etc to design a web front end that executed stored processes using the Stored Process Web Application. You probably want to look at the documentation on BI Web Services and the .NET or JAVA examples that it contains. Some links:

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Re: How to create a report menu in SAS

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Hi SASMan,

to prepare the building report menu there is a software SAS AF, this is basically for to bulid the application format. Go through the pdf mentioned below.

Basically there are AF and Web Af tool are there, to place the customized format on the web.

I think this will be helpful to you ,but to do this format you required the basic knowledge on SCL language then only you can create your own report application form.... bye...

Thanks & Reports.
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