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How to add "time" to an existing DateTime value ??

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How to add "time" to an existing DateTime value ??


Just a quick Q, and I can't seem to find examples anywhere of someone doing this but.. the dataset I have has two colums

date_time_start (yyyymmdd hhmmss) and duration (hh:mm:ss)

We have a need to create a new column called date_time_end in yyyymmdd hhmmss that would ultimatly be date_time_start + duration

how would one go about doing this in a data step?
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Re: How to add "time" to an existing DateTime value ??

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You simply add the two variables together, or you could use the DHMS function and code placeholder "0" values for the "h" and "m" arguments. You are working with a duration that is seconds and your datetime variable is also "seconds...since 1/1/1960". So these two variables are compatible.

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