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How to Update

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How to Update

Hello, I'm trying to update admin contact name & email information from the 'PrivAdmins' table into the 'Facilities' table.

the 'PrivAdmins' table has more facility codes than the 'Facilities' table.

But I only want the contact info for those facility codes that are in Table A updated (I don't want to add the facility codes listed in only listed in Table B but not Table A).

PrivAdmins Table

FacilityCode  AdminName   AdminEmail

                       AdminAdmin       /*this table has facility codes with missing values too*/

12345              Carla Lan    

12346              Patrick Miles

Facilities Table

FacilityCode  AdminName   AdminEmail.            FacilityName (more variables)...

12345                                                                     FacilityA

12349             Niger Kopak         FacilityB

Desired Result (Adminsp table)

FacilityCode AdminName      AdminEmail                   Facility Name (more variables)...

12345           Carla Lan         FacilityA

12349          Niger Kopak                FacilityB

I used this code but it doesn't work.

data adminsp;

update facilities privadmins;

by facilitycode;


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Re: How to Update

Is this what you are looking for?

data Adminsp;

merge Facilities (in=in1) PrivAdmins (in=in2);

by FacilityCode;

if in1;


If not, you might have to explain with more than "it doesn't work".  What do you get vs. what do you need?

Good luck.

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