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Help with mutliple comparisons

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Help with mutliple comparisons

Hi all--

I am comparing dichotomous health-related variables (ie do you have diabetes? asthma? health insurance? etc) among three separate surveys. Two of the surveys are national and sponsored by the CDC: NHANES and NSCH.

The third survey is conducted by a local hospital system here in Texas.

I have run PROC SURVEYFREQ on all of my variables to obtain the proportions and std error.

Now that I have them, I need to compare between them in order to determine if they are statistically different.

I'm considering using PROC MULTTEST...but if I do that, then I would either

a) have to input the p-values (and how would I generate those?)


b) ask for the Procedure to run a test and the one that fits best i think would be Test Fisher Exact.

Then I can ask for the Bootstrap and Bonferroni corrections on the mult comparisons.

So, am I on the right track? or is there a completely different way for me to think about this??

Please advise!!

Thank you very much in advance,

--ami richards

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Re: Help with mutliple comparisons

Hi Ami,

I don't think you can get Fisher's Exact Test out of PROC SURVEYFREQ.  However, for large surveys such as NHANES, using a Wald chi-square seems appropriate, as would a Rao-Scott.  If you do that, then adding an ODS statement should get the unadjusted p values into a dataset.  You may have to do a little bit of editing on that dataset, but you can input the p-values using the INPVALUES= option in the PROC MULTTEST statement.

Steve Denham

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