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Help please!

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Help please!

I have no idea what SAS is. I have heard that this is used in the field that I want to enter, that is why I want to learn it (Business analytics). For my last semester I have to present a 15 minuet seminar on any topic. I have 2 months left. I can give say, 5 hours a week. I dont have the SAS software, and I have no money to buy it.

So should I go ahead and choose this as the topic of my seminar? If yes, then what can a beginner in SAS reasonably achieve in this time period. I have to tell my profs about what I am going to do much in advance. What should I claim?

Do I absolutely have to buy the software? I have no money.
Please help me. thanks.
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Re: Help please!

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You ask several different questions. First, you said, "I have no idea what SAS is." This lack of information is easily remedied with a few Google searches.

Next, you ask forum members whether you should choose SAS as the topic of your 15 minute seminar and then outline as a major limitation the fact that you do not have SAS software. However, the forum members won't be grading your efforts. Perhaps this is a question that would be better answered by your professors since 1) they are the ones evaluating your efforts and 2) they are in a better position to know whether SAS is available to you as a student through your school or university.

All of these colleges and universities have information about student access to SAS software -- if your school has STAT, Engineering, Finance or Computer Science classes, it is possible that your school has SAS available for your use.

It would be worth checking out.

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