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Help installing


I am having a difficult time installing SAS 9.2. I have tried on 2 different operating systems (Windows 7 and XP) and in several compatibility modes. When I start the deployment wizard it goes through to the actual installation page, then it runs the system requirements wizard. Then it asks me to restart. I restart. When my computer boots back up it finishes the requirement and says there is no need for update my computer has already been updated to SAS standards. It reloads the deployment wizard and runs the requirement wizard again and then asks me to restart. This is problem 1. I can skip this step because I am certain I meet the requirements. I choose I will restart my computer later. When it tries to install SAS foundation, however, it says,

"The install failed to initialize for:

SAS Foundation
Retry will launch the install interactively for additional diagnostic information.

Would you like to retry this installation?"

Retrying starts the install shield process and eventually asks me to reboot again. If I reboot nothing is installed after I restart. There is no process that continues after I restart. It is beyond frustrating and would really appreciate some assistance.

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Re: Help installing

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Recommend you either coordinate the install with your site SAS admin and/or contact SAS Tech Support for assistance/guidance with your problem.

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