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Help for Global Forum: Usage Patterns Survey

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Help for Global Forum: Usage Patterns Survey

Hello SAS-philes,

My colleague, Mike Vanderlinden, and I are presenting a paper (current version can be found here) at the SAS Global Forum on what we're calling "SAS Usage Patterns", and we're asking you to help us by filling out a survey. We think the results will help managers who are new to SAS understand how to use it better and in more places. If you'd like, you can enter to win a $50 iTunes card.

As many of you know, it used to be that there was one particular look and feel to a SAS® environment. Then platforms changed, editors changed, but for a long time the infrastructure remained the same. With the introduction of a comprehensive Business Intelligence Platform, the expansion of SAS across the enterprise, and its integration with IT departments, new usage patterns have emerged. Today more infrastructure choices are available to companies who aim for analytics maturity. As new people are being introduced to the capabilities of SAS, they want to know how people are using it; what is involved in the way of components, processes, roles, etc.; and how the pieces fit together. We are proposing these SAS Usage Patterns as a language for talking about the way the community uses SAS.

If you're using SAS, then you can help us verify and evaluate these patterns in the real world by responding to this survey. Of course, if we're off base, then tell us that, too. Your responses are anonymous and used only as aggregated results. The survey will take up to 10 minutes. You will be asked 3 simple questions about each of the 5 patterns and its relevance within your organization. Then we'll aggregate the results and share them with the SAS community at the SAS Global Forum in Orlando, FL. As a thank you for participating in the survey, you have the option of having your name entered into a drawing for a $50 iTunes giftcard.

Thanks for your help. Your input and feedback will be very helpful to us and new SAS owners. Maybe we'll see you in Orlando!


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Re: Help for Global Forum: Usage Patterns Survey

I filled out a survey for you.  Hope your paper goes well.

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