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Help - Local SAS Training (Sacramento, California)?????

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Help - Local SAS Training (Sacramento, California)?????


I am a new Research Scientist in the Office of Women’s Health in Sacramento. I just started this job at the beginning of this week and wanted to know if anyone could recommend any good local SAS training. During the next few months, I will need to register for statistical training in SAS, SUDAAN, and GIS and I wanted to know if anyone was aware of local places (also the ones you would recommend as being the best) that conduct training. The only SUDAAN training that I could find when I checked the web was in Washington DC, but my boss figured there should be something closer. I am trying to go before June 08. I have used many statistical programs (SPSS, SAS, BMDP, LISERAL, CAX) throughout my career, but am most familiar with SPSS (been a while since I have used SAS, but familiar with some of the terms). Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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Re: Help - Local SAS Training (Sacramento, California)?????

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If you want training from SAS on statistics, there are a series of classroom and Live Web classes that are offered that might suit your needs. For a Live Web class, you would not have to travel to take the training:

When you go to the above site, you will see a series of boxes -- if you click on the box for a class, it will take you to the course description and the location where the classes are offered. Live Web classes (a class you take over the Internet) have a location of "Live Web" and other classes have the location of the training center.

For example the beginning statistics class is offered in San Francisco starting on May 5 and is offered in Live Web format starting April 8 and June 3:

California has 3 training centers:
San Francisco

To see the list of classes that are specifically offered in Sacramento, visit this site:

To see the list of courses at the other California training centers, visit this site, find your location and then click on the link entitled "Course Schedule" under each city name.

I have no idea about SUDAAN training. But the only courses at this site were in DC or North Carolina:

When you talk about GIS -- do you mean working with the SAS bridge to ESRI????

I am not aware of any training that SAS offers on this subject, although you may have some luck looking for papers on the topic.

If you're talking about mapping capabilities, the SAS color graphics course ( only covers these mapping topics:

--introduction to mapping
--data sets used by the GMAP procedure
--the GMAP procedure
--controlling the appearance of maps
--projecting map data sets (self-study)
--removing internal boundaries from maps (self-study)

If you're talking about SAS/GIS, then the documentation is the only resource I'm aware of (no SAS-offered classes):

The SAS documentation covers these topics:
Overview of SAS/GIS Software
--Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
--Features of SAS Software
--Data in SAS/GIS Applications
--Using the SAS/GIS Interface
--Accessing the SAS/GIS Tutorial

You might also find some GIS examples at this site:

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