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Graphics into Excel?

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Graphics into Excel?

I am trying to create a spreadsheet with graphics from SAS graph and Several tables.  I understand that the ExcelXP tagset does not support importing graphics.  Is ther another way to create both tables and graphics in the same Excel file?

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Re: Graphics into Excel?

You can write an Excel Macro (in VBA or through the recorder) that does the graphic import for you which you could call from within your SAS program.

I dont have a specific example of this to provide, but I would create the sas graphics files, create the macro off the created graphic files, then go back and add the macro call to your sas program.

Alternatively would be to output the data to the excel file and use Excel to do the graphing. This wont help if the data structure changes a lot though.


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Re: Graphics into Excel?

ExcelXP doesn't do native Excel files anyways. If you're okay with that, you can also try the MS_OFFICE or HTML ODS Tagsets.

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