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Generalization Friedman's test in SAS (PROC freq)

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Generalization Friedman's test in SAS (PROC freq)

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To execute a Friedman's test in SAS, one can use proc freq as explained in the following link:


In addition it is stated that:


‘If there are multiple subjects per treatment in each block, the ANOVA CMH statistic is a generalization of Friedman’s test.’


I am really wondering which generalization is referred to here? Since the procedure seems to perform fine in a setting with non-equal repeats per treatment in different blocks the only test I am familiar that could fit this framework is the Benard and Van Elteren's test (1953), see e.g. ( 


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Re: Generalization Friedman's test in SAS (PROC freq)

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Maybe that means non-parameter ANOVA .


proc freq;

table a*b/cmh2 cmb score=row ;


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