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Gantt chart with availability

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Gantt chart with availability

Anyone know how to do a gantt chart with availability?

Essentially what I want is a graph of employees' schedule with employees listed on the y-axis, hours on the x-axis and a big rectangular box that marks their shift and highlights it when they are on a break. Additionally, I would like to plot each employees' availability as a line going through the rectangular graph.

I have a screenshot of what I want the chart to look like, but there isn't any way to attach a file to the message, so here is a similar example:

I have looked into the GANTT procedure, but don't think there's any way to plot both availability and schedules at the same time. Also, I would like the x-axis to be time of day and not day of week/year.

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Re: Gantt chart with availability

Have a look at the SAS support website and consider using either the website SEARCH facility or the Google advanced search argument below:

gantt chart plot datetime

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