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GCHART on Mainframe z/Os

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GCHART on Mainframe z/Os



I need to use PROC GCHART to generate some charts on z/Os mainframe. When I run the code below in interactive SAS window, I get a a message "No device name has been given--please enter device name:"


  PIE AGE ;                      
 RUN ;                           

I assign the device to "GIF" and it works fine. After that I need to transfer the output file from z/Os Mainframe to PC to view it.



I want to know if there is a way where we can see the output in z/Os mainframe screen itself so that transferring the file everytime during testing can be avoided.


Can anyone help?

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Re: GCHART on Mainframe z/Os

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So far as I know, z/OS doesn't have a viewer for GIF images, so you'll have to transfer your image files to your PC to view them.  However, if you're using an emulator on your PC to access z/OS, you should be able to use the WBROWSE command to open the SAS Remote Browser and view the file.  Here's a link to the documentation for the WBROWSE command:


If you don't have the SAS Remote Browser set up, you'll probably have to continue transferring your files to your PC for viewing.



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