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Functionality query

Hi all:
I have been doing feasibility study for our organizations latest project and comparing several products (OLAP) out there in the market. I am stuck with a question that I am unable to find an answer for. I would really appreciate it if someone can help me with this.

If my SAS cube becomes too big, is it possible to partition it into several manageable smaller cubes and have one cube be transparently accessed from other cube. I suppose what I am asking is the user queries just one cube for data, but if its not present in that particular cube, it has to be seamlessly connect to the cube which has the data and present it to the users.

Any info on if this functionality is available in SAS.
Thanks in advance,
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Re: Functionality query

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Prior to the current release, you could do something similar by using a HOLAP architecture. With SAS9, OLAP was totally rebuilt. One result was much better performance, so I guess SAS didn't think that there was no need for this functionality any more. There is some new features in 9.2, but I don't this is not one of them. One feature of interest is that will be able to incrementally update a cube (but the result will still be on physical/logical cube).

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