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Frustrating error on an almost regular basis

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Frustrating error on an almost regular basis


I'm starting to get an error on a weekly basis and the only resolution I have is to shut down SAS and start again which can be frustrating when some programs take several hours to run.

Can anyone she some light on it if possible to try and prevent it from happening.


ERROR: Read Access Violation In Task [ Enhanced Editor )
Exception occurred at (012A4786)
Task Traceback
Address Frame (DBGHELP API Version 4.0 rev 5)
012A4786 0583FEA4 sashost:Main+0x1DAF6
0129F8C8 0583FEF4 sashost:Main+0x18C38
012990E1 0583FF18 sashost:Main+0x12451
01289335 0583FF7C sashost:Main+0x26A5
01292B10 0583FFA0 sashost:Main+0xBE80
01296C20 0583FFB4 sashost:Main+0xFF90
7C80B729 0583FFEC kernel32:GetModuleFileNameA+0x1BA

If I then try to look at a work library dataset I get an error pop up which states:

Recursive Segmentation Violations - SAS Exiting

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Re: Frustrating error on an almost regular basis

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SAS should never abend. For issues like this, the best way to get a solution is to open a track with Technical Support. They have the best tools to analyze the problem and offer a quick solution.
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