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Free Webinar: PROC REPORT: Getting Started

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Free Webinar: PROC REPORT: Getting Started

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Hi SAS Procedures Community,


UPDATED: Q&A now available

I’m presenting a live “Ask the Expert” webinar on November 15, 1 – 2 p.m. ET on getting started with PROC REPORT.  I hope you’ll join me. I plan to:

  • Describe the COLUMN and DEFINE statement.
  • Discuss how compute blocks can be used.
  • Demo the ORDER and GROUP usage, the ORDER= option, and SPANROWS.
  • Demo how to create a new column for the report and how to apply style overrides.

Are there any other specific questions you’d like covered? Let me know by responding to this thread.

Be sure to subscribe to the  to receive follow up Q/A, slides and other related resources from the webinar. From Ask the Expert Library, just click Subscribe from the orange bar underneath the list of the recent articles.

Can't join the live event? You can view this and other Ask the Experts sessions on-demand here.


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