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Format Problems

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Format Problems

I am currently in an SAS class and am having great difficulty trying to figure this out.

For an assignment you need to code 3 new variables as -1,0,1,2 using if/then statements from previous variables.

I need to take these newly coded variables (-1,0,1,2)

and format into a character string.
SAS keeps telling me the
You are trying to use the numeric format BMIFMT with the character variable BMIstatus

although bmistatus is a number, I'm so confused

Please someone help me i Have the syntax if needed.
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Re: Format Problems

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Somehow you have made bmistatus into a character variable. Do a PROC CONTENTS to confirm. A variable of type CHAR can have numbers as it's content. Check around for quotes (' or ") and for a $ sign in a LENGTH or INPUT statement near the variable name.

Doc Muhlbaier
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