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Filtering data in SAS

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Filtering data in SAS

Hi all

I am a SAS beginner.

I am working with financial time series data and need to filter out data for around 3000 firms from a huge data set. I have a unique ID by which I can identify these 3000 firms but I cant use standard statements such as 'if', 'where' in the SAS code because I dont think its practical to list 3000 objects in a SAS code.

Is there a way I can compare my ID variable in the main data set to the list of 3000 IDs i store as an external file? Or is there any other way of doing this? Do let me know.

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Re: Filtering data in SAS

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Hi ronmama

Your right about not writing 3000 if statements :-)

You can load your list of firms into SAS and then use i.e Data step merge or PROC SQL.

i.e have a look at this simple mock-up code
data filtered;
merge timeseries(in=a)
by id;
if a and not b then delete;
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Re: Filtering data in SAS

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Hi geniz

thank you very much. it works.Smiley Happy

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