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Filename Statement Error

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Filename Statement Error

I am trying to access the Google Maps API using SAS. I am using the URL engine in FILENAME statement to access the page. Below is the code  I am using

FILENAME goog url "" puser='user' ppass='pass' debug proxy='';

However I am getting the following ERROR in log:

ERROR: Invalid reply received from the HTTP server. Use the debug option for more info.

I am able to access other websites like Yahoo, Google, etc in a similar manner.

Help is appreciated.

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Re: Filename Statement Error

This runs fine for me (I am not using the proxy option):

FILENAME goog url "" puser='user' ppass='pass' debug ;

data _null_;

      infile goog;

   input x $100.;

      put x=;


filename goog;

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Re: Filename Statement Error

Well, that depends on your setup.

Do you run SAS on a local installation or do you run SAS on a server?

Does your local PC or Server have access to the internet? Do you require a proxy to access the internet?

This might be an issue to discuss with your networking/firewall/infrastructure department.

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