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Factor scoring

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Factor scoring

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I was reading this Example 79.1 Factor Scoring Coefficients from The Score Procedure.

How would one interpret the Factor1 and Factor2 in relation to the dependent variable if he/she fits a simple linear regression with Factor1 and Factor2 as independent variables and y as continuous dependent variable for example. As a simple regression interpretation, it means a unit increase in Factor1 will increase by x amount of Factor1 beta coefficient. Do beta coefficients for Factor1 and Factor2 have any unit of measurement?

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Re: Factor scoring

Think of the betas here as standardized beta hats in a regression, particularly if the data are rescaled and recentered, as is usually the case in a factor analysis.  This means that they are supposedly dimensionless, so that you can add things like wavenumber and polysaccharide concentration and not have to carry all of the units across all of the variables.

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