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Extract Greenplum to SAS

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Extract Greenplum to SAS


I understand that when it comes to writing to Greenplum, the gpfdist utility can be used for bulk loading which speeds up the writeback from SAS to Greenplum.

How about the other way around? Is there any way I can speed up extracting data from Greenplum to my SAS workspace?


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Re: Extract Greenplum to SAS

The best thing to do is minimize datatransfer to your SAS workspace, Try to do as much processing as possible at the DBMS

hat is why SAS/ACCESS(R) 9.4 for Relational Databases: Reference, Third Edition (Passing Joins to Greenplum) and executing SAS functions (in database processing) is getting promoted that much. Sometimes interfaces and SQL conversions are not stable enough in those cases moving to explicit pass through should bypass those issues.

Speedig up for the next part is faster IO (network buffering) and having a good performance on your SAS workspace. Some tuning options may help.

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