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Exporting to and existing XLSX or XLSM file.

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Exporting to and existing XLSX or XLSM file.

Good Morning All,

I have an existing XLS file that is in excess of 250mb and is becoming less and less user friendly. There are over 50 pivot tables in this document that the end user still requires which now takes 10 minutes to open. If we convert this file to XLSM then everything opens quickly and the file size is reduced substantially, however the report is automated and is immediately sent to the user upon it's completetion at 6am (when the user begins his day), and therefore it is not practical for me to re-open the XLS file and re-save it as XLSM. I am using 9.1.3 and my understanding is that it can not output to XLSX, hence my question: "Is it possible to export to XLSX using a work around?".

Any help would be deeply appreciated.

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Re: Exporting to and existing XLSX or XLSM file.

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I reckon you have to tell excel to do the translation and create a new file.

This can be automated in 2 ways:
- DDE commands sent from sas to excel
- a VBS script that drives excel in pretty much the same way. The script could be started by sas upon completion of the XLS export.
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